NAMES 2018: Call for Session Proposals

NAMES 2018 Call for Session Proposals Final Deadline is 20 April

360°: See It All! is a call to look at work in science centers and museums from all angles, functions, and contexts; to be contemporary while we create, connect, and commit.

Indeed, the role of science centers and museums is to communicate and connect. We communicate science and connect people through knowledge and awareness; a feat that requires us to create contemporary, relevant, and empowering content. Science communication professionals are expected to set an example of scientific, critical, and sustainable thinking; of professional performance and service; and thus, of holistic assessment and approach to managing and developing institutions.

NAMES 2018 subthemes are:

  • Content – Creating Shared Experiences
  • Connections – Creating links
  • Commitment – Creating your sustainability

Click here for more details about the subthemes. To submit your proposal, please make sure to carefully read the Session Proposals’ Guidelines, fill out the Submission Form , and send it to

*All speakers are required to register and pay the registration fees.
Our projects
NAMES 2018 Pre-conference Workshops

2-Days Workshop: Designing the Interaction

This workshop is delivered by Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions

Hüttinger and others who have worked in science centers for many years have had excellent opportunities to watch visitors using exhibits, hear them talking, ask them questions, try the incremental changes in the exhibits and texts. They have experienced many times the obvious failures of things they had thought to be good. They have had much time to think about their exhibits and see other ways in which they could have made them work. This two-day workshop is based on the results of these experiences.

1-Day Masterclass: Activating Museums and Science Centers, by TalentS|KCA

1-Day Masterclass: Activating Museums and Science Centers

This Masterclass is delivered by TalentS|KCA

Creating an effective live interpretation program is a hot topic, especially for those wanting to make science an exciting, engaging, and relevant experience for their increasingly diverse audiences. Achieving this aim requires both a sophisticated understanding of existing and potentially new audiences, as well as the techniques best suited for engaging them. The workshop will share examples of best practices, present formats used by other centers, and advise on strategies suitable for individual centers. Participants will be encouraged to think creatively through investigating different formats and developing a toolkit of best practice for NAMES members.

Mark Your Calendar
7-9 April 2018
Monastir Science Festival
3-6 April 2018
15th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference
14-15 April 2018
PSC Science Festivity
18 April 2018
Ecsite 2018: Early Bird Deadline
Letter from
NAMES Executive Director

Springtime is a time of change; the end of the academic year is approaching and vacation time is on the horizon. It would be prudent to make plans for the autumn now, before we get swept away with the waves of summer.

Autumn might be packed with events, but in the NAMES region, the most significant is by far the Network’s Biennial Conference, NAMES 2018. Hosted by the Planetarium Science Center, it will take place 24-26 October in Alexandria, Egypt. Indeed, we have so much to tell you about the upcoming conference, which promises to be full of exciting activities and novelties. That is why we dedicate this issue of our e-newsletter to keep you fully informed and get you working on your plans to join us.

To begin with, Egypt is a one-of-a-kind destination; the country with the longest history and the oldest civilization boasts a wide spectrum of unique natural and archaeological locations. From the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, from the vast deserts to lush oases, across the River Nile, from the Giza Pyramids down the river, to Valley of the Kings up the river, Egypt is vibrant with its diversity of ambient, scenery, and culture.

Alexandria itself, an ancient global harbor, has forever and ever been the melting pot of cultures, knowledge, and civilizations brought to its shores by the currents of the Mediterranean. It might be most famous for being home of one of, if not the oldest and most prominent hub of knowledge in antiquity, the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Yet, it is also the home of the New Library of Alexandria, a modern-day landmark complex where, not only academic knowledge is fostered and nurtured, but where it also meets and merges with all forms of cultural manifestation: heritage, technology, the arts in all its forms, as well as popular science communication.

October is definitely one of the best times to visit Egypt; the weather is ideal and congestion is at its lowest. Participating in NAMES 2018 will not only give you the opportunity to learn of the latest best practices in the science communication field, network with local, regional, and international peers and experts, exchange experiences, develop relationships, and build collaborations, it is an ideal and unique opportunity to explore the amazing Library of Alexandria with all its museums, exhibitions, and centers, enjoy its myriad of cultural activities, discover the ancient city of Alexandria, and visit a country like no other.

Do Not Miss this Unique Opportunity and Make Your Plans NOW!


NAMES 2018 Booth Rental is now OPEN

We are thrilled to announce that NAMES 2018 Exhibition Fair is now open for online booth rental. Exhibiting at NAMES 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt, would be a worthy opportunity for your organization to gain further exposure withing this part of the world. It is worth mentioning that NAMES Members have the benefit of 25% discount on booth rental fees.

Click here to Book Your Booth! Make sure to read the Booth Rental Guidelines carefully.


Ecsite 2018 Annual Conference, 7-9 June, in Geneva, Switzerland

The 29th edition of the Ecsite Conference (Ecsite 2018) is hosted by the Natural History Museum of Geneva in partnership with CERN, University of Geneva Scienscope, and Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference combines 3 days main conference offering 100 parallel sessions (7-9 June) and 2 days pre-conference with 10+ in depth trainings (5-6 June). Also look forward to 2 high-level keynotes, 350 speakers, 60 exhibitors, 2 dedicated tinkering and gaming labs, 3 evening social events.

Discover the program and register before 18 April to benefit from the early bird discount.

Save the Date and Start Planning for ASPAC 2018 Taiwan!

ASPAC 2018 Conference will take place 5-7 September 2018 at Taipei City, Taiwan, and hosted by National Taiwan Science Education Center. Registration in the ASPAC 2018 website will be ready by 1 April 2018, through the following link:

"Innovative Science Cuisine" is the conference theme under which around 300 professionals from the Science Museum in the Asia Pacific Region will come together. The participants will share experiences and exchange ideas on the practical aspects of exhibitions, education, science popularization and other fields.

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