NAMES 2018: Pre-Conference Workshops

Our NAMES Network endeavors to serve its members in many ways, including but not limited to, providing opportunities for capacity building to you and your team members. Our field is growing fast in our region and it is critical for us all to learn of best practices around the world.

In response to popular demand and repeated requests for such opportunities, together with the Host of NAMES 2018, NAMES is offering TWO Pre-Conference Workshops that focus on capacity building in specific areas that are critical to the growth of YOUR Science Center. One workshop focuses on exhibits development and the other is about streamlining content and strategy to attract visitors and stay relevant.

We also made the workshops available at subsidized fees as part of our continued services and offerings to our members. The workshops were organized to take place ahead of the NAMES 2018 Conference to save on costs of travel and accommodation of several trips annually.

We hope you maximize on this amazing opportunity and register your team as soon as possible as seats are filling up fast!

Our projects
NAMES Services, Projects, and Collaborations

Delivering on its Long-Term Objectives, NAMES offers a diversity of Services, Projects, and Collaborations. First and foremost, NAMES Biennial Conference has been the highlight of the growing science communication field in the region, bringing together experts, specialists, and newcomers, from all over the world and within the region, to network, share and exchange knowledge, and be inspired by each other’s experiences.

With every new edition of NAMES Biennial Conference, we take a step further towards content goals to better meet the growing capacity building needs of our members. A significant addition this year is the inclusion of two specialized Pre-Conference Workshops that focus on “Exhibits Development” and “Streamlining Content and Strategy to Attract Visitors and Stay Relevant”. The intense trainings are designed and delivered by renowned experts with decades of experience.

In response to the high regional demand for capacity building opportunities, together with our sister network, Ecsite, NAMES has offered 3 editions of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School (EMME), a training for future science center leaders. The 4th EMME edition takes place in September 2019 within the NAMES region; details regarding the host and dates of EMME 2019 are to be announced within the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

To encourage youth in the science centers and museums field, and in commemoration of the legacy of one of our founding members and leaders, NAMES has launched the Mijbil Almutawa Award Program (MAAP) in 2017. The winner of the MAAP 2017, Mohamed Elsonbaty, earned a fellowship to attend the EMME 2017 and he is one of our speakers at the NAMES 2018, where the winner of the MAAP 2018 who has earned a fellowship to attend the conference will be announced and presented with their award.

Among our new and exclusive services and projects currently in development are:

- Starter Kits:
   *Science Center Basics
   *Early Childhood Development
   *Teachers’ Training Programs
- Online Resources
- Online Marketplace
- Exchange Programs
- Virtual Learning Courses
Mark Your Calendar
11 August 2018
Academics World 426th International Academic Conference on Development in Science and Technology
29 September 2018
ASTC Annual Conference
17 October 2018
International Conference on “Innovation in Teaching and Learning (ICITL-2018)
Letter from
NAMES Executive Director

12 years ago, NAMES was born at the hands of five founding members from five different countries in North Africa and the Middle East: Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

Today, with more than double the original number of members spread across the region, NAMES is a well-established, well-recognized regional network of science centers and museums, delivering on its long-term objectives through a diversity of services, projects, and collaborations.

Our Objectives have been clear:
1) Identifying the current situation, means and venues of science communication throughout the region;
2) Promoting best practices, supporting effective communication, and encouraging excellence and innovation in informal science learning;
3) Providing professional development for the science communication field in the region, collaborating to enhance the performance of those involved in the field, and making best use of all available resources within the region;
4) Spreading the message of informal education and strengthening the position of science centers/museums within the community at large;
5) Emphasizing and popularizing the region's cultural and scientific heritage.
The Benefits of joining NAMES are:
- Being part of a well-established, internationally recognized network;
- Leaving a legacy and positioning yourself as a leader with a vision, directly and indirectly supporting the growth of the science communication field within the NAMES region;
- Sharing experiences of relevant educational contents and agendas;
- Working with colleagues facing similar challenges and opportunities;
- Participating in and exchanging programs of knowledge and capacity building;
- Customizing trainings and capacity-building programs at subsidized fees, in collaboration with international networks and experts, such as the biennial Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) Summer School for Science Communication;
- Participating in network activities and events, including NAMES Biennial Conference, at subsidized fees, including the opportunity to exhibit;
- Receiving periodical information on relevant activities and programs within the region and outside it; and
- Voting and nomination for the Network’s Board of Directors (only Full Memberships).

To experience the above yourself, we invite you to register and participate in NAMES 6th Biennial Conference, NAMES 2018, which takes place 24-26 October at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt. Participating also means you can register in one of two specialized Pre-Conference Workshops delivered by renowned international experts. It is a an opportunity not to be missed!


International Science Center and Science Museum Day

Preparation for the International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) is underway and gaining steam. Taking place every year on 10 November, ISCSMD is an annual, global event that illustrates the impact and reach of all the world’s science centers and science museums. It demonstrates the role these institutions play with their millions of visitors in raising awareness of, and engagement in, sustainable development and the solutions to worldwide challenges; such as: climate change, human health, energy, waste, water shortages, gender, oceans, and other global issues.

Science centers and museums are present on all continents and welcome annually 300 million visitors who are actively seeking information and support to make changes in their communities. ISCSMD is an opportunity to celebrate and promote the missions of science centers and museums through widely diverse informal science education and engagement activities addressing the critical topics articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The day is also a reminder to all about the universality of science and its capacity to build bridges while addressing common concerns. All ISCSMD activities show how science and technology education in support of the SDGs has a larger impact beyond economic growth and can serve the greater good for the planet and its people.

NAMES and its members have been actively partaking in the ISCSMD since its inception in 2016; our members are currently working together on developing ideas to celebrate the day, the details of which to be shared shortly, so stay tuned.

Success Story

Palestinian Youngsters Taking the Lead in Design Thinking

In 2017, Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation, Palestine—NAMES Full Member—was invited by the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) to partake in the “Design Squad Global (DSG)” program within the framework of collaboration between ASTC and NAMES. As a result, twenty young Palestinian school students benefited from a unique chance to enjoy a wonderful learning experience in design thinking and engineering, in collaboration with peers from across the globe.

Following the implementation of this program, Al Nayzak has continued to offer the Design Squad Activities to different participants, integrating this course as part of the Science House Activities Program. Al Nayzak was also inspired to build its own design-thinking curriculum for different age groups to be mainstreamed across all its branches in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. Moreover, Al Nayzak also aims to maintain its partnership with the Creative Discovery Museum, to conduct similar joint projects that build on knowledge exchange. Finally, Al Nayzak is currently working in partnership with NAMES to mainstream the implementation of the DSG under the umbrella of NAMES within the entire region with the participation of interested members and non-members.

Click on the button to read the full success story.

Exhibition workshop for Science Centres, Science Museums and Natural History Museums

In late October of this year, the China Science and Technology Museum Beijing and CIMUSET are offering the “Developing Relevant and Inspiring Science Exhibitions: From Idea to Opening Day” Training. It is a great opportunity to learn from international experts and exchange with colleagues from around the world.

There are 10 full grants and 5 partial grants. Download the application form, copy and paste the link into your browser: 2018/06/28/workshop- application-form/

Application deadline is Midnight (CET), August 10, 2018. Applications should be sent to:

­NAMES Secretariat Office
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, P.O. Box 138, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, EGYPT
Tel.: +(203) 4839999; Ext.: 2723

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