Meet NAMES 2018 Keynote Speakers!

We are glad to welcome Dr. Islam Hussein, an Egyptian Virologist & Science Communicator, on the conference’s first day on Wednesday, 24 October. Dr. Hussein’s keynote speech will highlight how to communicate science online, from a scientist’s perspective, and will draw some lessons from his experience with establishing a video blog about viruses called “Virolvlog”.

As for the conference’s second day, you will meet Dr. Graham Walker, an Academic Program Coordinator at the Australian National University, and Science Show Performer and Consultant. He will discuss how to get all emotional about science communication, how to connect with audiences, which emotions are critical, and what the underlying mechanism of eliciting them is.

Our projects
Success Stories

NAMES members and non-members are invited to share stories of successful initiatives, projects, activities, etc. in the field of science communication. The Success Stories are reviewed, translated, designed, published, and disseminated through ALMANARA e-newsletter and NAMES website.

NAMES Secretariat Office (SO) drafted the Success Stories Guidelines, posted and disseminated the Call for Contribution; as this is an ongoing initiative, the SO reiterates the call regularly.

Thus far, two Success Stories have been developed, and to be posted and disseminated shortly:

  • Design Squad Global:
    Palestinian Youngsters taking the Lead in Design Thinking.
  • Taking Chances Together:
    Revisioning How Science Museums Connect with Marginalized Communities.
Starter Kits

The purpose of this initiative is to foster collaboration between NAMES members to benefit from available resources and knowledge within the network, and to develop material that would help other members learn from peer experiences.

Thus far, two Starter Kits are being developed, to be published on NAMES website members-only section:

  • Early Childhood Activities
    By the Children’s Museum Jordan, in collaboration with AlNayzak Organization, Palestine
  • Teachers’ Training
    By the Mishkat Interactive Center, KSA, in collaboration with the Planetarium Science Center, Egypt
Mark Your Calendar
17 October 2018
International Conference on “Innovation in Teaching and Learning (ICITL-2018)
22 October 2018
Designing the Interaction Pre-Conference Workshop
23 October 2018
Activating Museums and Science Centers Pre-Conference Masterclass
24-26 October 2018
NAMES 2018 Conference
Letter from
NAMES President

Dear Reader,

I write to you this time as my term as NAMES President comes to an end, at the next General Assembly Meeting on October 27. It has been an exciting journey, serving the Network in the last four years with so much to learn, and so many friendships made.

What I knew somehow, but I am sure of now, is that we are stronger together as science centers and museums. It takes so much efforts from all of us to have an impact on the communities we serve, but collectively, we can learn from each other, do better and most importantly, have an impact on a whole region not just a community.

As many of you have heard me saying before, we can easily exist as centers by opening our doors every day and doing what we do, while waiting for our audience to engage with us. On the other hand, we can have a stronger voice and reach out to more people. We can inspire young children to become future innovators, or inspire teachers to deliver their classes better – the sky is the limit to what we can do and how many people we can affect.

This is why the role of NAMES is more critical than ever before, and I am forever grateful for the people who had the vision to say, we need to establish this network and find a way to work with each other. The road has been bumpy and our mission was often met with skepticism: why do we need such a Network, why should my center be part of a bigger community, and the one we heard most: what is in it for me?

Now that NAMES is celebrating its 12th anniversary, we celebrate having more members than ever. We enjoy working with an engaged Board of Directors, who are all volunteering their time and know-how for the good of others, as well as a huge circle of friends and supporters from all over the world. My gratitude goes to each and every one of you.

I wish the next NAMES President, the amazing team, the Secretariat Office, and every member and friend all the best. I appreciate your support and look forward to continue to support the Network in every way I can in the future. The best is yet to come indeed!


Get Ready for Our Social Program

On the first day, NAMES 2018 Host, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Planetarium Science Center, will organize a “Treasure Hunt” at the BA Exhibitions, Art Galleries, and Museums. The participants will be divided into groups, and will be handed a treasure map, including clues that will engage them in an enlightening journey. During the Hunt, participants will go through the exhibits and learn about the three major epochs of the Egyptian Civilization: the Pharaonic Era, the Islamic Period, and the Greek Civilization.

On the second day, participants will enjoy the delicious Egyptian food during the “Gala Dinner”, that will be held at the BA Plaza, accompanied by oriental music and folkloric performances.

As for the third day, the Host will organize a “City Tour” after the closing ceremony, which includes visiting the National Museum of Alexandria and The Citadel of Qaitbay, followed by a “Farewell Lunch”, where you will enjoy the fresh sea food with a wonderful sea view at the “Fish Market” Restaurant.

­NAMES Secretariat Office
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, P.O. Box 138, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, EGYPT
Tel.: +(203) 4839999; Ext.: 2723

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