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Registration is OPEN; the Early Bird Deadline is Thursday, 15 August.

A Top Quality Training for Science Communication Professionals, EMME 2019 will take place 27-31 October and will be hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK), one of the first science centers that began operating in the Middle East almost 20 years ago.

EMME targets science communication professionals who have aspiration, ability, engagement, and agility to learn and grow, and who are focused on taking their team and organization to the next level of learning, growth, and relevancy. In this year’s “Project-Based” edition, all sessions will be feeding into a “take away plan of action” that combines all relevant disciplines.

EMME trainers and facilitators are experts from leading European and Middle-Eastern science engagement organizations with a long-standing practice. EMME is an ongoing collaboration between Ecsite and NAMES networks and a group of their members; it provides an opportunity for meaningful and in-depth networking between professionals from the two regions.

Do Not miss this optimal opportunity for exchange of knowledge and expertise within a stimulating educational environment, and REGISTER NOW!

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Our projects
MAAP 2019: Call for Applications Deadline is 31 July!

This year’s winner will have the chance to participate in the EMME 2019 Summer School, 27-31 October, hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK). The MAAP 2019 covers the expenses of one individual to attend the EMME 2019; science communication entities within the NAMES region may submit a nomination for one of their non-managerial employees younger than 35 years old. 

*For details regarding terms and conditions, as well as the application and selection processes, please click here.

Hurry up and Apply before 31 July 2019!

Mark Your Calendar
31 July 2019
Submission Deadline for the MAAP 2019
31 July 2019
Submission Deadline for CIMUSET-SCTM training Workshop
15 August 2019
EMME 2019 Registration Early Bird Deadline
2-5 September 2019
ICOM-CIMUSET Annual Conference
4-6 September 2019
ASPAC 2019
21-24 September 2019
ASTC 2019
3-5 October 2019
Konya Science Festival
27-31 October 2019
EMME Summer School 2019
Letter from
NAMES Executive Director

Dear Readers,

Summer is full underway and we have been quite busy!

Top on our agenda is the upcoming EMME 2019 Summer School, to be hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK), 27-31 October. This 4th edition will offer a new, more cohesive format that is “Project-Based” with all sessions feeding into a “take away plan of action” that combines all relevant disciplines. EMME 2019 promises to be fun, educational, and stimulating for each participant, with each module addressing the Learn, Develop, Apply, and Sustain model.

EMME 2019 will also feature the presentation of the 3rd Winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award (MAAP 2019). The Call for Applications opened 8 July and the deadline for submissions is next Wednesday, 31 July. If you are eligible and have not applied yet, hurry up to win the chance to participate in this Top Quality Training for young science communication professionals aspiring to become future leaders in the field.

During the past few months, we made several updates and additions to our website. For better visibility and communication, we added dedicated pages articulating our Benefits, in addition to our Milestones, as well as Reports & Publications. For further clarity, we have also revamped the sections dedicated to the Biennial Conference, the EMME Summer School, the Mijbil Almutawa Award, as well as Capacity Building.

As promised, we have also launched the public part of our new online resources section entitled ALDALEEL. Through the public section, we will be sharing a variety of original, adapted, and translated resources. We have already launched two initiatives, Success Stories and Museum Memories; we invite you to visit the pages and encourage you to contribute your valuable stories and memories for the benefit of our entire science communication community.

During the next few months, we will be launching more online resources and capacity building initiatives and opportunities through both the public section, as well as the “Members Only” section, so stay tuned!


Museum Memories

Remember the first time you visited a museum or a science center? Remember how excited and inspired you were by the place and its content? Has this visit had a lasting impact on your life and possibly your career? Most probably it did.

Maybe it was not your first visit, but every one of us has at least one special memory about visiting a museum or a science center. Maybe it was a zoo, an aquarium, or a planetarium that left a memorable impact on you. Maybe that special visit was to a museum/center you visited after you started your career; maybe it is the museum/center where you work now.

Whatever it was/is, whenever this special moment occurred, sharing a museum memory is a great way to remind yourself and inspire others within the field, both professionals and newcomers, with the magic that is communicating culture and science to the general public. Join NAMES Online Platform by sharing your personal Museum Memories, to inspire our community of professionals and newcomers.

*Check the Museum Memories Tips; we look forward to receiving your valuable contribution.

Success Stories

One significant objective of NAMES network is promoting best practices, supporting effective communication, and encouraging excellence and innovation in informal science learning. A success story is an informative account or a case study of an inspiring action that made a positive change in people’s lives. Success stories help organizations spread the word about their achievements, as well as share experiences that others can learn from.

*Check the Success Stories Guidelines; we look forward to receiving your valuable contributions.

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