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NAMES 7th Biennial Conference will take place 8-10 September 2020; it will be hosted by Konya Science Center in Turkey. NAMES Biennial Conferences are a great platform to foster exchange and cooperation between science communicators in general, science centers and museums staff in particular, with the aim of benefiting from collective experiences.

Networking and collaboration are necessary to enhance the outcomes of this dynamic and ever-changing field, which in turn is necessary for the popularization of science and technology. Contribution/Participation in NAMES Biennial Conferences is not by any means limited to NAMES Members or interested participants from the North Africa and Middle East region, but is open for the following candidates from all over the world:

  • CEOs and Leaders of Existing Science and Discovery Centers;
  • Leaders of Emerging Science and Discovery Centers;
  • Decision Makers, and Creative Thinkers;
  • Program Developers, Exhibits’ Designers, Curators, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Fundraising and Development Staff and other professionals in the field;
  • Free-lance Experts and Consultants in the field;
  • Researchers, Scientists; and,
  • International Science and Discovery Centers.
Our projects
EMME Summer School 2019

The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK), one of the first science centers to begin operation in the Middle East almost 20 years ago, hosted the EMME 2019, 27-31 October. We are very thankful to TSCK for the great effort and resources invested in the organization of this very successful edition of Summer School.

We are also indebted to the facilitators: Ayman Elsayed from the Planetarium Science Center, Egypt; Lavinia Del Longo and Antonia Caola from MUSE, Italy; Carlos Catalão from Ciencia Viva, Portugal. We are also very grateful to all the other trainers from both the NAMES and Ecsite region, as we are to all our EMME partners.

The 37 participants came from Italy (1), Jordan (1), KSA (3), Kuwait (19), Malaysia (2), Tunisia (3), Turkey (6), UAE (2). EMME 2019 targeted science engagement professionals that are focused on taking their teams and organizations to the next level of learning, growth, and relevancy. EMME 2019 offered a new, more cohesive, project-based format, with all sessions feeding into a “take away plan of action” that combined all relevant disciplines. The Summer School was fun, educational, and stimulating for each participant; whether specialized in programs or exhibits development, education, marketing, finance, or any other area, participants found the training particularly helpful for their careers and success as potential science center leaders.

Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019

The Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019 Winner, AbdulAziz Afifi is In Charge of Administrative Services and Events Management, Mishkat Interactive Center, KSA; his award was a full grant to participate in the Summer School. AbdulAziz began his career as a volunteer, then part-time employee at Mishkat. Upon completing his studies and acquiring good experience in the field, he submitted proposals regarding the mechanisms used at the Center, which were welcomed and applied. He became in charge of directing events and festivals; his plan is to become a leader in the field of scientific exhibitions and the organization of relevant activities, to look for new ways to develop the establishment, and to achieve the highest levels of approval and appreciation in the comfort of all visitors and employees.

Mark Your Calendar
10-11 December 2019
International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Communication Engineering ICRACE-2019
Letter from
NAMES Executive Director

Dear Readers,

Summer is over! Technically, summer ends on 21 September in the Northern Hemisphere where NAMES region is; realistically, it rarely does! Indeed, in Kuwait, it was still quite summery when the EMME Summer School 2019 took place 27-31 October.

EMME 4th edition featured 12 trainers and 37 participants from 8 countries in both the NAMES and Ecsite regions. The lucky participants benefited from a wealth of knowledge and expertise presented in a well-structured project-based program. I invite you to check out the summary video; stay tuned for photos and more news from said edition as we compile feedback from our participants and trainers alike.

In addition to our excitment about EMME 2019, with its new format and stimulating content, it was our great pleasure to present the Winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019, AbdulAziz Afifi from Mishkat Interactive Center, KSA, who won the chance to participate in the Summer School. We are also pleased to announce that we are in the process of renewing the EMME Partnership Agreement between NAMES and Ecsite for another four years, keep an eye for news about the following edition: EMME 2021!

Before that though, get yourself ready for NAMES 2020, which will be hosted, 8-10 September, by Konya Science Center. We are thrilled to return to Turkey after six years and to visit a different city with yet another amazing science center. Be sure to look out for news and details about the conference in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, we invite you to check our new online resources section ALDALEEL; you can now partake in two of our new initiatives: Success Stories and Museum Memories. We look forward to your contributions, which will enrich our science communication community.

In addition to the upcoming “Members Only” section—featuring original resources, as well as exchange training and internship opportunities—the public section of ALDALEEL will soon be featuring translated resources from our valued international partners. More details about that to be disclosed in the very near future.

Indeed, so much exciting news to share and so many intriguing endeavors cooking; it delights us to be sharing all with you and we always look forward to hearing back from you.



With the purpose of better serving our members, NAMES has launched the online resources section ALDALEEL on our website; it features two sections: “Public” (already launched) and “Members Only” (to be launched in the next few weeks). Two initiatives have been launched by NAMES in the public zone: Success Stories and Museum Memories; please visit the corresponding webpages to learn about the two initiatives and we will be looking forward to your contributions.

NAMES will also soon be publishing Arabized contents from international collaborators on the public zone of ALDALEEL. NAMES has already signed an agreement with one of our sister networks, Ecsite, and is in the process of signing another agreement with another sister network, ASTC, to translate into Arabic and publish resources developed and published by both networks in English.

In the Members Only section, original resources developed by members of NAMES, as well as exchange training and internship opportunities, will be shared among the NAMES family.

Success Story

Showcasing our Scientific Heritage

At the BA Planetarium, the Egyptian public has the unique chance to get immersed in the magic of surrounding imagery and marvel in scientific and cultural knowledge offered through a diversity of shows. Throughout its history, the Planetarium has shown more than 30 shows of different types and contents; all procured from international sources—mostly American—and dubbed locally by the BA Planetarium Team.

When the Planetarium was upgraded in 2009, one of the perks was the installation of a production unit. This encouraged the Planetarium Team, already eager to develop and expand within the PSC’s mission to offer “Science for All!”, to launch its own production endeavors. The main purpose was to tackle topics that are new to the market and unique to the culture. The first full-dome planetarium show completely produced in the region, Alexandria, the Cradle of Astronomy was released in October 2014. After its first step in shows production, the PSC was determined to continue on this path, by producing more shows that are related to our history and culture.

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