Arab Reform Conference 2004



The First Arab Reform Conference was held at the Library of Alexandria under the auspices of President Hosni Mubarak, and in cooperation with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, the Arab Business Council, the Arab Women’s Organization, the Economic Research Forum, and the Arab Organization for Human Rights. The Conference concluded its sessions with the issuance of the Alexandria Document, elaborating the inherent Arab vision of reform issues and its priorities.

The Declaration includes four main panels: political reform, economic reform, social reform, and cultural reform, in addition to follow-up mechanisms on execution. All attendees of the Conference participated in writing the Declaration, in an actual democratic act. The President’s speech highlighted the importance of pluralism, civilized dialogue, and partnership between civil societies and governments, aiming at maximizing benefit of the citizen.

The Conference was honored by the attendance of Arab dignitaries, members of the advisory committee, and their support and participation in the proceedings.

The plenary committee of the conference stressed on the importance of follow-up, adding the last section of the declaration that emphasizes the importance of forming an Arab Reform Forum, which has been immediately established on the Internet.

The Arab Reform Forum aims at:

  • Spreading the total Arab reform vision elaborated by the Conference
  • Making this vision more profound by in-depth studies and counseling
  • Establishing a network of Arab reform enthusiasts, and facilitating communication among them through the site of the Forum.

  • Activate the role of Arab civil societies in achieving the desired
  • changes and creating genuine partnership between civil societies and governments.
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