Top Fundraising Ideas

To raise funds to support the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's new projects, here are a number of ideas generated by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Friends and Staff.

If you have additional fundraising ideas, please contact us

I. Named Gift Opportunities

The opportunity to link one's name with an institution that is doing so much for so many is a compelling motivation to financially support the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The gifts provide an ideal time to permanently bond a donor's name, or a name honored by the donor, with the traditions and future of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

There is a variety of named endowed gift opportunities ranging from distinguished specialized libraries to internship scholarships, or book collections. The Chief Librarian's Office will be pleased to provide further details on these and other naming options for any interested parties.

Just as the name attached to an endowed fund will be held in perpetuity at the Library, also will a service rendered to future librarians and their users and, through them, to Alexandria and Egypt.

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