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  • After the famous eclipse of 1919, Einstein became internationally renowned. He accrued honors and awards, including the Nobel Prize in physics in 1922, from various world scientific societies. His visit to any part of the world became a national event; photographers and reporters followed him everywhere. While regretting his loss of privacy, Einstein capitalized on his fame to further his own political and social views.

  • Nobel Medal.
  • On his way back from Japan , Albert found out that he had received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. He got this award because of his work on photoelectric effect, which he finished almost fifteen years before. He wasn't really surprised he won, because he knew he had to win someday. He gave the prize money to his first wife, Mileva, and his sons, Hans Albert and Eduard.

  • After visiting Japan in the end of 1922, he visited Palestine , where Albert felt at home. There, the Einsteins were driven to a special reception at the Lemel School . He said that when he won the Nobel Prize, it was the greatest day of his life. The next day he made the opening speech at a new Hebrew University . After stopping in Spain , the Einsteins went back to Berlin in February 1923.

  • In 1921, Einstein was received at the White House by President Harding.

  • Among further honors which Einstein received were the Copley Medal of the Royal Society in 1925 and the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1926.
  • Einstein receiving the Planck medal in 1929.
  • Einstein was the first winner of the Max Planck medal in 1929.
  • He received a research fellowship at Christ Church College in Oxford in 1931. He also was awarded an honorary decorate by the University of Geneva .
  • With all of his Achievements, Albert became very famous. In 1952, because of these achievements, he was offered to become the president of Israel . He was honored with the request, but refused the offer. He said he knew a little about nature, but not much about politics.