Eminent Lectures

Eminent Lectures

  • Your Dream … Your Life
  • 26 Apr 2011
  • Belal Fadl
  • Belal Fadl is a famous Egyptian screenplay writer and journalist. He graduated from Journalism Department, Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University in 1995 with honors. For several years, he worked as a journalist and a TV producer, then an assistant director. In 2001, he left journalism and focused on screenwriting. To date, he wrote screenplays for 17 movies and received the Best Screenplay Award from the “Cairo Film Festival”. In 2005, the launch of El-Dostor newspaper brought him back to journalism. He writes a daily column to Al-Masry Alyoum.

  • Abstract

  • Organized by the BA Dialogue Forum in collaboration with “Action” Youth Initiative, the Seminar “Your Dream … Your Life” hosted Belal Fadl to speak about the role of youth on the political scene. Fadl called on Egyptian youth to imagine a newly liberated Egypt and join hands to set a unified national plan of action after the 25th of January Revolution that would help them face different challenges and realize their dreams.

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