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Ancient Egypt

Among the collection, the Museum is housing a number of artifacts representing the ancient Egyptian civilization, including a collection of vessels discovered under the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara.

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A wooden boat, with an animal’s head shaped bow. Four oarsmen are on board, two at the front and two at the back. The oars are missing. There are traces of a layer of plaster.

Dimensions:(including the bow)L. 58 cm W. 17 cm
Material: Wood
Date:Epoch: 11thDynasty
Provenance: Unknown

  Fragment of a Stella, which bears part of seven columns of hieroglyphic inscriptions, from left to right, in praise of the god Amon. The fragment still retains its original colors. It probably dates to the New Kingdom when the cult of the god Amon spread and flourished and he became the official god of the Egyptian empire.

Dimensions: L 40 cm, W 67 cm
Material: Limestone
Date: New Kingdom
Provenance: El Korna (Luxur)

  Portion of a wall of a tomb, on which is represented in high relief the deceased sitting, a pectoral surrounds his neck, and behind him is shown part of the figure of his wife holding his right arm and left shoulder with her hands. His body is colored in a dark red, the wife’s in yellow above them are remains of four columns of hieroglyphic inscriptions, in which wife was described as beloved.

Dimensions:44cm x 33cm
Material: Limeston
Date: New Kingdom
Provenance: El Assasif at El Korna (Luxur)