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Wednesday, 26 November 2014
  • Hellenistic Masters (Seventh Cycle- First Semester) - Hellenistic Architecture and the Topography of Alexandria
  • 1 - 21 Oct/Jan 2014/2015 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Institute for Hellenistic Studies | Educational Course | Closed meeting - 1 EGP
  • The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies was established as a joint collaboration between the BA, the Vardinoyannis Foundation and the University of Alexandria. Graduates of Classics departments from Egypt or elsewhere will be able to apply directly for a Masters degree; non-specialists will have to take the...

  • BA Learning Center - November 2014 Program
  • 3 - 26 Nov 2014 | Educational Course | Registration
  • Registration is free of charge and open to the public at the General Reference Desk at the Main Library Entrance or via e-mail to: Resigistration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Newspaper Art
  • 5 - 26 Nov 2014 | Workshop | Open For Public
  • Art
  • This workshop organized by the BA, Cairo-based, Sennari House aims to teach participants how to recycle old paper into sculptures and artwork that will add a beautiful touch to any space. This will also help in expanding the trainee’s creativity which will give them the ability to create something valuable out of...

  • International Librarianship Training Program
  • 9 - 2 Nov/Sep 2014/2015 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Information Services Department | Training | Registration
  • The International Librarianship Training Program aims to enhance the importance of learning and sharing knowledge through providing training programs for library specialists; because of their extensive knowledge and professional experience in different specializations.

  • Greek Language - Learn the Ancient Greek – Level 1
  • 9 - 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Calligraphy & Writings Study Center | Educational Course | Registration - 200 EGP
  • An ancient Greek language course, which is part of a series of courses in ancient writings and languages offered by the Writing and Scripts Center. The course includes two levels that will be taught by Professor Rana Zalabani (

  • The History of Agriculture for the Early Muslims - Regional Seminar
  • 24 - 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Center for Islamic Civilization Studies | Seminar | Open For Public
  • The BA Islamic Studies Center, in cooperation with the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture and the World Islamic Call Society, is organizing a regional seminar about the history of agriculture during the time of the first Muslims. Many researchers and experts from the Arab and Islamic world will...

  • Arabic Play Reading - Egyptian Pound
  • 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Main Library Department | Play Reading | Open For Public
  • The monthly play reading revolves around the play Egyptian Pound by Naguib El-Rihany and Badie Khairy. The participants will each be assigned a role from the play. Participants should register their names at the General Information Desk at the Library entrance.

  • Digital Printing Technologies: Reality and Future
  • 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Special Libraries Department | Lecture | Open For Public
  • The BA Arts and Multimedia Library, in collabrotaion with the Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries, the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, and PETRA – ETP Printing and Media, is organizing a lecture that will be given by number of printing and packaging experts.

  • Project Fair
  • 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Library Sector | Exhibition | Open For Public
  • A project which help in improving the skills of youth technicians in Egypt by enhancing their intellectual, technological and entrepreneurial skills through a series of session and workshops that will be presented by the civil society youth initiative.

  • Reviving the Archaeological City of Karanis in a Virtual 3D World
  • 26 Nov 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Institute for Hellenistic Studies | Lecture | Open For Public
  • The initial results of the "Reviving Karanis" research project, which aims to use digital technologies to reunite archaeological finds from the Karanis site, that are today located in different museums worldwide, will be presented in this lecture. These archaeological pieces will be restored in a virtual model of the...