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Thursday, 30 October 2014
  • Astronomy Club
  • 13 - 30 Feb/Oct 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Planetarium Science Center | Workshop | Open For Public
  • The Amateur Astronomy Club (AAC) aims to educate the public about the world of astronomy.

  • BA Learning Center - October 2014 Program
  • 13 - 2 Oct/Nov 2014 | Educational Course | Registration
  • Registration is free of charge and open to the public at the General Reference Desk at the Main Library Entrance or via e-mail to: Resigistration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Basics of Arabic Calligraphy Workshop: Naskh – Level 2
  • 20 - 6 Oct/Nov 2014 | Workshop | Open For Public
  • Art
  • A free workshop for youth that aims to train them on the basics of Arabic calligraphy in its different forms, starting with Rokea and Naskh and then onto the basics of Persian calligraphy. The workshop will also help the attendees enhance their handwriting by teaching them how to draw each letter and the correct way...

  • Third Arab Robotics Convention
  • 22 - 30 Oct 2014 | Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Planetarium Science Center | Conference | Registration
  • The events aims to strengthen participants professional skills regarding robot systems, spreading awareness on robotics and its role, and sharing experiences and success stories among stakeholders.

  • Sufi Chanting Workshop
  • 23 - 21 Oct/Nov 2014 | Workshop | Registration
  • A workshop aimed at teaching youth folk art, Al Sera Al Helalya, and al madeeh. It targets participants who are above 18 years of age. The workshop ends with a Sufi chanting concert by Sheikh Zein Mahmoud, who will also lead the workshop, along with the trainees as a product of the workshop.

  • Poetry Evening with El-Khan
  • 30 Oct 2014 | Poetry Reading | Open For Public
  • The BA Cairo-based Sennari House is organizing an open poetry evening, in cooperation with El-Khan cultural magazine. The event will be moderated by Al-Sherif Mangod, Editor-in-Chief of El-Khan magazine, and will host several poets, including Mona Abd el-Fattah, Rimon Soliman, Iman Taher, Mohamed el Mamlouk, Gehad...