About Us


The “Higher Education Funding Opportunities in the Arab Region” website aspires to be a useful and practical resource for both higher education students and institutions in the Arab Region. It seeks to offer information on available scholarships, fellowships, trainings, loans and grants opportunities provided by renowned local, regional and international donors. Moreover, this website offers a free on-line training for its users to ensure that they are equipped with the tools which make them benefit from the published information.

Indeed, the Donors section on this website is not inclusive of all higher education donors who support the Arab Region. It is an attempt at mapping out the existing donors who were reachable and responsive . We are expecting that the information published about the Donors will pave the way to developing collaboration and synchronization among them, and encourage more initiatives to boost higher education philanthropy in the Arab Region.

This project has become a reality thanks to the generous support of the Ford Foundation Regional Office in Cairo, Egypt. Acknowledgement is also due to all the organizations which welcomed our invitation and participated in this initiative for their keenness, transparency and patience.

Lastly, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Dina Elkhawaga; former Program Officer of Higher Education at the Ford Foundation Regional Office in Cairo, Egypt, for her valuable support.  

Hala Abdelwahab
Project Director