Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS) - Maghreb/Machrek Civil Society Portal (e-Joussour)

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Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS) - Maghreb/Machrek Civil Society Portal (e-Joussour)


53 Melouiya Street, Apt. 16, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco


+ 212 5 37 683962 - 6 61 325454


+ 212 5 37770722




Ms. Houria Esslami

FMAS is an NGO aiming at the protection and the promotion of the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. It’s an umbrella for NGOs acting in different fields: the rights of women, children, migrants, education, development, and environment. E-Joussour is a project aiming at the promotion of new technologies of information and communication among NGOs in the region.

Support to Higher Education

E-joussour provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There is no specific budget for training programs, but it is a part of the general budget of the organization.
Type of Support
E-Joussour offers internships for students. Trainees will contribute to managing the projects conducted by the NGOs affiliated to the FMAS in different towns and villages in Morocco. The internship programs includes Social movements,communitarians Medias,Women rights and youth movements in the Mghreb Machrek region.Certificates are issued upon completion of training.
Duration of Support
From one to twelve months.
Eligibility Criteria
● Applicants should send a motivation letter and CV to the Chairman of FMAS and specify the duration of internship needed.
● Approval of the Selection Committee, formed of the Human Resources of FMAS.
Application Procedures
Applications should be sent to: or
Mr. Leghtas Mohamed, Coordinator
Email: or