The International Institute for Water and Sanitation (IEA-ONEP)

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The International Institute for Water and Sanitation (IEA-ONEP)


Avenue Mohamed Bel Hassan El Ouazzani, BP Rabat, Chellah 10002, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco


+ 212 5 37759995


+ 212 5 37639158



General Director/CEO:

Mr. Samir Bensaid

The International Institute for Water and Sanitation (Office National de l'Eau Potable - ONEP) is a nation-wide state-owned company. It is financially autonomous, in charge of water supply and wastewater services in Morocco. In July 2008, ONEP created the International Institute for Water (IEA), which includes the former training center (Le Centre de Formation aux Techniques de l'Eau - CFTE), which has for more than thirty years provided internal technical training courses for ONEP.

Support to Higher Education

The IEA aims to meet increasing training demand for water and environment of stakeholders (at both national and regional levels). It also aims to promote and develop R&D, in addition to providing technical assistance and expertise at the regional level.
Type of Support
IEA provides vocational training in the fields of water, sanitation and environment. Certificates are issued upon completion of training.
Duration of Support
from one week to two months.
Eligibility Criteria
● Applicants should be vocational education trainees.
● Training is provided to individuals from Morocco, Africa and the MENA Region.
Application Procedures
● Selection is done following the review of the application forms submitted by the trainees.
● The applications should be approved by the Local Authority (the institution for which the candidate is working).
● For continuous training, requests should be sent in June/July.
● For specific training, applications are accepted all year round.
Mrs. Saida ELAMRANI, Secretary of the General Director
Additional Information
IEA puts under the disposition of the students its classrooms and educational facilities. IEA also provides consulting and support to conferences.