Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee Work (NECCCRW)

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Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee Work (NECCCRW)


22/330 Said Al’as Street, Rimal, P.O. Box 49 Gaza


+970 (0)8 2860146 / 2822595


+972 (0)8 2866331




Dr. Sohail Anton El Madbak


Dr. Issa Tarazi

NECCCRW was established in 1952 as a humanitarian program to assist Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to live with dignity and independence. Since then, NECCCRW has been providing health, education, training, social assistance services with a vision for long-term empowerment. The Gaza Area Committee is part of the Department of Service to the Palestine Refugees (DSPR) which operates also in the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Galilee.

Support to Higher Education

NECC provides educational loans for Bachelor and Masters students to complete their studies in Palestinian universities. 60-70 students are provided with educational loans with an average of USD 750 for Bachelor students and USD 1000 for Master Students.
Type of Support


Needy students are assisted to complete their education in fields that respond to community and market needs. They receive high quality vocational training in a variety of skills and professions with approved certifications.


The educational loans project was launched in 1975. The project proved its effectiveness and success through its solid continuous cycle. 60-70 students are provided with interest-free educational loans amounting to USD 750 for Bachelor students and USD 1000 for Masters students. The repayment process starts after 3 months of graduation, and continues for 1-5 years.
Duration of Support


•One-year training course in secretarial work and office management for women;
•One-year course in advanced dressmaking for women;
•Three-year intensive training for students in carpentry and furniture making or aluminum/ metal works and welding;
•Two-year training course for young people in electricity and motor rewinding.


According to study years; 1-5 years for Bachelor students and 2 years for Masters students.
Eligibility Criteria


The selection criteria for the Vocational Training Program differ according to the subject of the training course:
•Female applicants for the secretarial course should complete 12 years of school and have a high school certificate (Tawjihi).
•Female applicants for the advanced dress-making course should be literate and above 16 years old.
•Male applicants for the carpentry, welding metal and aluminum courses should be aged 14-16. School drop-outs may apply.
•Male applicants for the electricity course must be aged 16-23. They also should complete 10 years of schooling and pass the admission exam.
•Applicants from deprived backgrounds are to be given priority.


Needy students are targeted to complete their university education. Applicants for a Bachelor degree must have at least an average of 75% grade in the high school certificate. Applicants for a Masters degree must have at least a very good degree and completed the university accredited hours.
Application Procedures


•A call for applications is posted in local newspapers and distributed over related organizations, clubs, universities, women and youth centers, and municipalities.
•NECC opens the registration process for students where applicants have to submit an enrolment application at a given deadline according to the criteria set in the announcement.
•The applicants will sit for an admission exam and will be interviewed.
•NECC selects eligible candidates according to the criteria set out for each course.


•Educational loans are announced to several organizations, municipalities and universities.
•Applicants have to present a certified copy of the required certificates.
•A certificate of good conduct from the school/ university must be enclosed.
•The availability of 3 guarantors for the candidates having Bank accounts.
•The applications are reviewed and appropriate applicants are selected.


One month from date of announcement.


Three months from date of announcement.


Dr. Issa Tarazi / Executive Director


Dr.Issa Tarazi, Executive Director
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