Association pour la Réhabilitation Psycho-Educative Infanto Juvénile

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Centre chateau cherry, Cite ourida Blida Algerie


+ 213 25 405165


+ 213 25 405165



Prof. Houria Chafai-Salhi

The Association pour la Réhabilitation Psycho-Éducative Infanto Juvénile (ARPEIJ) began operations in September 1992 with the “Teacher’s Education” program and cultural activities in schools (debates, competitions, surveys, etc). In 1998, the ARPEIJ focused its activities on fighting against school exclusion and social disintegration of children and adolescents under the “Program for Preventing Social Exclusion and Education of Children and Adolescents with Psychosocial Vulnerability”.

Support to Higher Education

ARPEIJ supports higher education through two advanced training programs: Education Sciences and Support Mental Health for Children and Youth. The programs are designed for training teachers and graduates working with children and adolescents with learning disabilities and mental health needs.
Type of Support
● Education Sciences.
The program focuses on providing an overview of the theoretical perspectives on mental health of children and adolescents for teachers and trainers. Certificates are issued upon completion of training.

● Support Mental Health for Children and Youth.
The program focuses on expanding the skills of graduates specialized in mental health for children and youth with mental disabilities. Certificates are issued upon completion of training.
Duration of Support
The support duration varies according to the received requests.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should:
● Have a French Baccalaureate (BAC+)
● Be working/studying in the field of mental health.
Application Procedures
Applicants must send a proposal to the Association at:
Proposals are accepted all year round.
Ms. Aicha Djemia Chayani, CSR Director