The Islamic Association

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The Islamic Association


P.O. Box 22484, Arad, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain


+ 973 17671788


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Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif Al Mahmood

The Islamic Association is a charitable association that supports needy families economically and culturally.

Support to Higher Education

The Islamic Association supports higher education by providing scholarships.
Type of Support
The Association provides a minimum of 300 scholarships annually to needy students. The scholarships cover BSc, MBA, Master’s, PhD and Diploma degrees in all fields of study. The Association’s annual budget for scholarships is approximately BHD 40,000 (around USD 110,000), 98% of which is directed to individuals, while the remaining 2% is directed to universities. The amount given to universities ranges from BHD 100 to BHD 250 (about USD 265 to USD 665) that aims at covering students’ study fees.
Duration of Support
Varies according to the received request.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should:
● Be of any nationality. However, priority is given to Bahraini students.
● Be accepted in a university.
● Have passed one year in the university with a GPA score not less than 2.

Priority is given to orphans and underprivileged students.
Application Procedures
Applicants Should:
● Present a letter of intent to the Association.
● Fill an application form to be presented along with documents that prove their eligibility for receiving the scholarships.
● Pass an interview in order to be selected for receiving the scholarships.
Applications are accepted all year round.
Mr. Sami Alammadi, Manager of Activities