Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC)

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Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC)


Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


+ 962 79 6664878


+ 962 6 4614008





Chairperson of the Board:

Mrs. Hiam Al Salem Azar

Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC) is a non-profit organization founded in Kuwait in 2002. LoYAC has successfully launched its chapters in Jordan in 2008 and Lebanon in 2009. The purpose of all LoYAC programs is to empower youth through developmental programs. LoYAC has local and international programs covering activities in several fields such as local and international summer internships, drama, English language, community service and sports.

Support to Higher Education

LoYAC provides students with paid internship opportunities during the summer to help them to evolve into highly effective young leaders.
Type of Support
LoYAC provides students with training opportunities. Training includes summer internship programs, future leaders and international internships. The programs cover all fields of studies. Trainings offered by LoYAC are held in private and public agencies and companies, international organizations and at LoYAC premises. Certificates are issued upon completion of programs from the institutes and from LoYAC. Students also get financial rewards for internships.
Duration of Support
6 weeks.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should be:
● Jordanian
● Undergraduates
● 16-24 years old
Application Procedures
● Application forms can be filled online at www.loyacjordan.org/en/register
● LoYAC has a selection committee which holds interviews.
Applications are accepted all year round.
Mr. Mahmoud Nabulsi, Program Manager
E-mail: m.nabulsi@loyac.org