Jordan National Shipping Lines P.L.C (JNSL)

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Jordan National Shipping Lines P.L.C (JNSL)


Wadi Saqra Street, Building No. 51, P.O. Box 5406, Amman 11183, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


+ 962 6 5511500


+ 962 6 5511501




Mr. Ahmad Armoush

Jordan National Shipping Lines P.L.C (JNSL) is a leading public shareholding shipping company initially founded by the Jordanian Government in 1976. Since then, JNSL positioned itself as the National Carrier and a pioneer in providing shipping services to the local, regional and international markets. Under a Governmental program, JNSL was privatized in 2002 forming partnerships with strategic companies to further extend its outreach and solidify its position in the global shipping industry.

Support to Higher Education

JNSL supports the higher education sector through providing training courses at the Jordanian Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS). JNSL annual budget for courses is between USD 35,000 and USD 70,000.
Type of Support
JNSL provides courses annually to 5 to 15 students in the MENA region at the Jordanian Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS). The courses are offered in the fields of Engineering Studies, Nautical Studies and Upgrading Studies.
Duration of Support
1-2 years.
Eligibility Criteria
● Applicants have to be from the MENA region.
● Applicants should have completed their high school education.
● Scholarships are provided equally to male and female students.
Application Procedures
● Applicants should submit applications along with their resumes and supporting certificates to
● JNSL has a selection committee which studies the applications and chooses the winners after a full evaluation.
Applications are accepted once a year.
Mr. Fayez Mansour, Financial and Administrative Manager