Druze Foundation for Social Welfare (DFSW)

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Druze Foundation for Social Welfare (DFSW)


P. O. Box 11-2500, Beirut, Lebanon


+ 961 1 342535


dfsw@dfsw.org.lb , dfsw@cyberia.net.lb



Secretary General:

Mr. Essam Makarem

Druze Foundation for Social Welfare (DFSW) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1983. DFSW promotes the interest of the Druze Community
in Lebanon socially, educationally and culturally.

Support to Higher Education

DFSW supports the higher education sector through the DFSW - Scholarship Fund.
Type of Support
DFSW - Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to students who are seeking financial aid at the American University of Beirut. The scholarships are restricted to undergraduate students only. The budget for the academic year 2009–2010 was USD 200,000.
Duration of Support
Three years.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should:
● Be Druze and of Lebanese nationality.
● Be residing in Lebanon.
● Have Baccalaureate II Part.
Application Procedures
● Applications should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the American University of Beirut.
● The DFSW Educational Committee carries out the selection process.
January, February and March of the previous academic year. More information is available on www.aub.edu.lb/faid/Pages/when.aspx
Mr. Ghazi Jounblat, Assistant Secretary General
E-mail: dfsw@dfsw.org.lb
Additional Information
Preliminary evaluation is carried by AUB Financial Aid Office and states the percentage ratio to be granted to each applicant in relation to the annual tuition fees.