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LinkSCEEM-2 HPC Roadshow at the American University in Cairo

Alexandria, March 18, 2014: The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) continues its support for researchers by organizing LinkSCEEM-2 HPC Roadshow at the American University in Cairo (AUC). The one-day event was held within the framework of the physics week, organized by the Department of Physics at the AUC. The Event aimed at raising awareness to the use of BA Supercomputer in scientific research. It is a High Performance Computing cluster suitable for specialized applications that require immense mathematical calculations; it operates at a rate of trillions of calculations per second giving optimum and accurate results.

During the Event, participants were introduced to the BA Supercomputer and its various applications in research, in addition to the different facilities available for researchers at the BA, such as Virtual Immersive Science and Technology Applications (VISTA), a walk-in virtual reality system which enables interactive work within three-dimensional computer-generated models and environments; and the Internet Archive, which is a complete snapshot of all webpages on every website since 1996 until today.

This event comes in accordance with the BA continuous efforts to offer a broader scope for researchers in Egypt and the Arab region. In this context, the BA had organized and hosted a series of events at the BA, AUC, Cairo and Ain Shams Universities, to reach out to the Egyptian universities and research centers.

LinkSCEEM-2 is a project which aims at establishing a high performance computing (HPC) eco-system in the Eastern Mediterranean region by interlinking and coordinating regional compute, storage and visualization resources to form an integrated e-infrastructure, with an initial emphasis in the fields of climate research, digital cultural heritage and synchrotron radiation applications.