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The Arts Center

The BA aims to revive the role of the Ancient Library of Alexandria in encouraging dialogue and exchange between scientists, philosophers and artists alike. The Arts Center provides a forum to various expressions of arts in all its forms, and seeks to realize the goals of the BA in being Egypt’s window on the world and the world’s window on Egypt in the artistic field.

Through building partnerships with institutions from different backgrounds, the Arts Center promotes exchange and mutual understanding between cultures. In its regular monthly events, the Arts Center supports high profile international contemporary arts from all backgrounds, as well as Egyptian contemporary art. It also hosts international artists for residencies and performances to create an energetic exchange of experience between local and international artists, and presents Egyptian and regional contemporary arts in venues abroad.

Beside promoting the artistic capacities of artists from Egypt and the Arab world, the Arts Center seeks to be an incubator for the talents of children and young people, and provides training and development opportunities for them in world-class international institutions.