My Children are Leaving (Short Story)


Climate heard Environment calling in panic: "Where are you my brother?"

He rushed to her: "Here I am, sister; what is wrong?"

Much alarmed, Environment answered: "My children, Climate."

Climate: "What about them? Have they upset you?"

Environment: "It is much more serious."

Climate: "Speak up, then! "

Environment: "My children intend to leave."

Climate asked in astonishment: "Who and how?"

Filled with pity, Environment answered: "All of them, but I do not know how. That is all I know."

Climate exclaimed: "How can they forsake their home? Where are they going? Maybe they are joking." 

Environment: "I do not know, but I have been bewildered since I heard the news."

Climate said: "Calm down, dear sister. Why do not you call on them and let us investigate the truth?"

Environment: "Pardon me, my brother; I hate to upset you. I know you have enough on your mind."

Climate: "It is alright, sister; we are meant to support each other."

Environment: "We are, indeed. I will send Air to summon them immediately. I actually miss them and miss our conversations."

Air accomplished his task, and now all the children–Water, Creatures, Soil, and Air–have come, heeding the call of their mother.

Environment greeted her children, who politely asked her why she summoned them.

Environment answered: "You are my blessing, my dear ones."

Climate added: "Hello my dears. Environment has always cared for you, and now she is upset that you are leaving."

Air exclaimed: "Who is leaving?"

Water said: "How are they leaving?"

Soil added: "Where are they going?"

They turned to their sister, Creatures, who had remained silent. Climate asked her: "Have you heard anything about that?"

Creatures: "Yes, I have heard something of that sort from humans. They have only been warning, not confirming it will happen.

Environment asked: "How was that, my dear daughter?"

Creatures: "They have warned about polluting Air with toxic gases, and polluting Water and Soil with plastic and oil wastes, factory sewage, and radioactive wastes. These pollutants would exile balanced Air, as well as clean Water and Soil."

Air commented: "Goodness! Is it really humans who are warning about pollution?"

Creatures: "Yes"

Air replied: "Do you know that the smoke plumes from their factories harm me day and night? And so do the deadly poisonous radiations of their nuclear bombs, which require a hard and long recovery!"

Water said: "Do you know that it is humans who pollute my seas and rivers?"

Soil said: "They pollute me as well".

Environment said: "Easy, my children; be kind to Creatures; she is also suffering, just as you do. If humans are warning that you might leave, they must also be worried about themselves. Without you, they are doomed."

Creatures commented: "You are right, mother."

Climate told Environment: "And you keep asking why I change. It is the deeds of your children who also suffer as much as I do. Nevertheless, I am trying my best to maintain balance and purify them."

Environment said: "I understand, dear brother. But now my children are in danger."

Climate answered: "They were in danger when they were ignorant. Now that they can identify the problem, speak it up, and warn about it, I believe they are taking the first step on the right path."

Creatures said: "Would you please elaborate, Climate?"

Climate continued: "Humans were gifted with intellect; if one is capable of thinking, they are expected not to harm themselves, and to figure out how to survive danger."

Creatures asked: "Does that mean that humans will exert effort to protect us?"

Climate answered: "Of course, my dear; as your mother said, without you, humans are doomed."

Creatures asked: "So, what do you suggest, dear Climate?"

Climate answered: "I recommend that humans cooperate to mitigate and adapt to the effects of the changes I am witnessing.

I advise humans to utilize their mind and save no effort to eliminate pollutants, as well as opt for clean energy alternatives that do not harm you.

Environment said: "I am so lucky to have cooperative children like you. I hope you would follow Climate's advice, and rejoice the fruitful outcomes.

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