Color Psychology and Fashion


Being obsessed with fashion shows, the latest trends and all that beauty rush, I wondered whether fashion designers have a clue about color psychology and adopt its principles when working on their new collection, or they go merely for their passions and simple interests. I also wondered whether the colors of our outfits affect our psyche the same way a simple plain wall can affect our wellbeing or emotional state.

While sitting in a café, I started observing other clients at the same place and tried to take note of my impressions about them based on the colors of their outfits. Involuntarily, I found myself a bit intimidated by men in dark suits, especially navy blue ones. However, I felt more encouraged to talk to the waiters who were all dressed in red.

I was not sure whether that was directly related to color psychology or my own personal preferences, so I decided to dig into it and try to find a scientific answer to my concerns. I found out that the colors of our clothes affect our psyche due to the influence of the magnetic energy of each color; thus, the color of each outfit we put on results in different emotional responses. It turned out that we all have the same subconscious reaction to colors despite our personal preferences.

Here are a few tips if you want to leave a good impression through the colors of your outfits:

To appear friendly and approachable, go for earth colors, such as beiges and browns. Also try out some warm colors, such as orange, as they stimulate conversation and interaction.

To appear professional, choose dark colors, such as navy blue, grey and black. Such colors connote seriousness, commitment and assertiveness.

To appear calm and reassuring, wear subtle colors, such as pastels and green. They are thought to be diplomatic colors as they deflect criticism and convey a sense of serenity and peacefulness.


*The article was published in the PSC Newsletter2nd School Semester 2012/2013 issue.

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