Wombs Can Hear!


Woman 1: It’s a baby girl.

Woman 2: What are you going to name her?

Woman 1: Za3zou3a

Woman 2: What an original name!

Woman 1: What about you?

Woman 2: It is a boy. We will name him 7antira.

Woman 1: Wow! They will surely be happy with these names.

Babies in wombs: Oops!

The five senses of the embryo keep developing all along pregnancy. By week 32, the sense of touch becomes developed and almost every part of the baby’s body is sensitive to temperature, pressure, and pain. Taste buds fully develop by weeks 13 to 15, allowing the baby to taste the amniotic fluid. By week 18, the retinas of the eyes can detect small amounts of light, and by week 33 the pupils allow the baby to see dim shapes. The baby can smell by week 28, and can hear and recognize voices by the end of the second trimester.

*Published in the PSC Newsletter, Come to Your Senses (Summer 2013) issue.

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