Jobs Suitable for People of Determination


Everyone in this world has rights and commitments. The rights are numerous; the most important of which is that every person effortlessly finds his/her basic needs of good quality food, clothing, education, and health services. On the other hand, work is regarded as both a right and an obligation. Everyone must do his/her work with utmost perfection, and has the right to be provided with an appropriate job opportunity that suites his/her abilities and skills, for an adequate income.

However, people of determination (people with special needs) all over the world often face problems finding jobs suitable for their health conditions. Many of them have achieved progress in sports specifically, and participate in sports competitions; yet, this cannot be regarded as key work opportunity for all—though it might seem suitable for some. 

Labor laws of some governments mandate a certain percentage of employment for people of determination in enterprises; however, they often indicate a limited number, or the work itself does not suit a person with an incapacity. Yet, there are several suitable professions, depending on the health problem; for example:

1. Teaching

Teaching is a sacred profession; although communicating knowledge to a student is a noble goal, it is also a daunting one. However, some people of determination have teaching abilities that can help them make a career of it. Physical effort is not always required in teaching; the older the students are, the easier teaching becomes physically.

2. Web Development and Programming

There have been several technology-related careers that did not exist 50 years ago; including those related to computers, such as graphic design, web development, application programming, etc. The completion of such professions depends primarily on thinking and mental effort rather than physical; thus, they are very suitable for people of determination, who suffer from physical problems but enjoy a glowing intelligence.

3. Writing and Translation

Writing and translation are of the most famous occupations currently not requiring to physically be at a certain workplace. Most translators and writers are currently freelancers, so these professions suit people with disabilities who are unable to move easily.

4. Reception and Reservations

People of determination with jovial manners, and who are also well-spoken and helpful, can work in ticketing and reservation jobs, or as receptionists at hotels, hospitals, or companies.

5. Sales and Marketing

A salesperson does not have to go in person to the customer's place, to convince him/her to purchase a product or service. Some salespersons work through the Internet in marketing using social media, or even from the headquarters of their companies without a need for moving frequently.

How are people of determination eligible for the correct job?

They need to have appropriate educational opportunities for their abilities, skills, and health conditions. Education is the most essential means to have that opportunity, and it is great to provide special scholarships for people of determination. They should also be provided with appropriate medical equipment, and various health services, such as medicine, physiotherapy, etc.; in order to improve their health, facilitate and accelerate their daily activities, and accomplish their tasks accordingly.

One of the most important reasons that affects the rehabilitation of people of determination when finding a suitable job, is to provide them with the psychological and moral support. Many of them suffer from discrimination, or lack the sense of being an ordinary person. These people are an integral part of the society that cannot be ignored anyway; if they are destined to lack something, they are distinguished by something else. The community and its members must support them in finding suitable job opportunities that are morally and financially feasible.


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This article was first published in print in SCIplanet, Autumn 2019 issue.

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