Articles (Technology)

In Cairo: Solar Heaters and Biogas Units on Rooftops
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

Some people talk about clean energy, waste reduction and the impeding energy crisis. Other people choose to take action.

Google Fiber: The Evolution of the Internet
(Computers and Information Technology)

If you are a computer geek like me, you will know exactly what a beta test is.

Technology of Natural Gas
(Earth Sciences)

For hundreds of years, natural gas has been known as a very useful substance.

Green Transportation: The Filipino Experience
(Education, Business, and Society)

Tricycles or “Tok Tok”, as they are widely known in Egypt, have become an inevitable nagging part of our daily life.

Cyborg Drones
(Computers and Information Technology)

Imagine if one day you are sitting in your living room and a fly enters.

Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight
(Inventions and Innovations)

The Dutch company PAL-V Europe NV has successfully concluded test flights of its flying car, PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle).

Makey Makey: A Glimpse into the Future
(Computers and Information Technology)

As fascinating as it can be, technology has always been limited in a sense.

Turning Plastic Waste into Fuel
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

Starting to realize that we have only our one Earth to live on, people are taking responsible steps to find solutions for sustainable living. 

Launching a Satellite
(Astronomy and Space Sciences)

Although sophisticated technologies are involved in the process of launching a satellite, the principle it is built on is pretty simple.

The Dawn of the Robots: Meet ASIMO
(Computers and Information Technology)

For decades, we remained equally fascinated and scared of the Humanoids of science fiction.

The Spinning Wheels of Technology
(Inventions and Innovations)

Can you imagine life without wheels?

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