Articles (Geography)

The Gate to Hell
(Travel, Explore, and Venture)

Although the Gate of Hell is not a natural phenomenon, but a human disaster, it has become a famous touristic site in Turkmenistan.

Around the World in Five Houses (1)
(Travel, Explore, and Venture)

From freezing icy, to melting sandy environments, humans inhabit most of the terrestrial spots on Earth. Let us take a tour around the world to examine different houses.

Physical Phenomena and the World of Design
(Science and Art)

Because we are accustomed to live with tools and machines that allow us access to endless information, designers pursue graphs, codes, and software that transforms data and variables into unique shapes.

The Croods
(Earth Sciences)

If you are bored and would like to take a journey with your kids into an amazing fantasy world, I would advise you to watch The Croods. 

Geysers: Nature’s Vents
(Earth Sciences)

The unusual geological phenomena known as geysers are incredible natural fountains that shoot boiling water and steam hundreds of meters.

What Lies Beneath: The Earth's Hidden Secrets
(Earth Sciences)

“What Lies Beneath” may imply we are discussing a horror movie with the same title; however, this article takes you to a journey into the center of the Earth and above. 

Can the Next Tsunami Strike Home?
(Earth Sciences)

On the morning of 21 July 365 CE, a powerful earthquake off the coast of Greece triggered a killer Mediterranean tsunami, more than 30 m high, that devastated our home city of Alexandria. 

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