Articles (Ice)

Around the World in Five Houses (2)
(Travel, Explore, and Venture)

Although the building blocks of igloos are made of ice, their interiors can reach up to 40 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. 

The Story behind Climate Change
(Environment and Climate Change)

Earth’s climate has never been of a fixed state; over millions of years, it has changed many times in response to a diversity of natural causes.

Physical Phenomena and the World of Design
(Science and Art)

Because we are accustomed to live with tools and machines that allow us access to endless information, designers pursue graphs, codes, and software that transforms data and variables into unique shapes.

Watermelon Snow
(Life Sciences)

Arctic glaciers play several vital environmental roles. They stabilize weather patterns and serve as natural air conditioners.

West Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaking Up from the Inside Out
(Earth Sciences)

The continent of Antarctica is bigger than the United States of America and Mexico combined; it is covered mostly in deep ice that reaches as deep as one-and-a-half kilometer in some places.

Arctic Methane Release
(Environment and Climate Change)

Methane is the main ingredient of natural gas and an extremely potent greenhouse gas, far more powerful than carbon dioxide. Over 60% of the total of the methane emitted is from natural sources.

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