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Working with Nature
(Education, Business, and Society)

We all have different jobs that impact our societies differently, bur have you ever thought what it would be like if you have a job that mainly aims at protecting and conserving nature?

Sleeping during Working Hours!
(Education, Business, and Society)

I visited Japan in 2001 on a scientific mission; after going through my visit's program, I was surprised to see sleeping cabins to use during working hours!

(Education, Business, and Society)

How can we find out if we are addicted to work, and how can we get rid of this addiction to live a normal life devoid of any psychological issues?

The Golden Touch
(Education, Business, and Society)

In Greek mythology, King Midas had asked the god Dionysus for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold; when he was granted his wish, he thought he had good fortune. Yet, he soon came to regret making that wish!

Ergonomics: The Simple Secrets of Success
(Education, Business, and Society)

Whether it is an office job or any other job that requires physical work, clearly, providing employees with a better work environment increases their productivity and job satisfaction.

Ring Ring! Wake Up!
(Inventions and Innovations)

The earliest alarm clock dates back to around 250 BCE, and was invented by the Greeks.

Color Psychology and Fashion
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Do fashion designers have a clue about color psychology and adopt its principles when working on their new collection, or do they go merely for their passions and simple interests?

Color Psychology and Interior Design
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Interior designers have been aware of the power of color for so long that they do not only make their color choices based on space or use, but also according to their clients’ psyche and comfort zones.

Al-Karaji and the Secrets of Hydrology
(Inventions and Innovations)

Inbat al-miyah al-khafiya is an excellent manual on the supplies of hydraulic water; it was written by Abu Bakr Muhammed Al-Karaji. Besides its main interest in hydrology, it contains a discussion of many topics related to the geography of the globe, various remarks on soil types and nature, as well as paying great attention to surveying techniques.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences
(Education, Business, and Society)

The “Multiple Intelligences” is a theory introduced by Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner, in which he identifies eight different types of intelligences that each individual has the capacity to possess.

Sleep: Getting a Good Night’s Worth
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Like good nutrition and exercise, adequate sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation is an unrecognized cause of many problems. 

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