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Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future

We have plunged with enthusiasm into the challenging task of untangling the cryptic codes of chemistry only to be surprised by a fascinating world of wonders. How surprised we were to discover the spectrum of elements in our bodies; to grasp what chemicals do to the soil we inhabit, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

Naturally, talking about chemistry is not all paved with roses; we are bound to encounter some serious thorns, and we have. Earth and its inhabitants are indeed facing critical challenges devouring the planet’s resources and, therefore, its chances of any kind of future.

Good, bad, or ugly; it is up to you, our dear reader to judge. The important thing is to take the time to read, watch, listen, and think; to seek the illusive truth behind the mysterious magic of chemistry; simply, to get informed and make up your own mind.

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SCIplanet is a bilingual edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center and developed by the Cultural Outreach Publications Unit ...
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