Health and the Human Body

We embark on a new journey to explore, and re-explore, the different aspects of human life. The first eternal theme to pop into anyone’s mind in such a journey is without a doubt the closest to home: our own bodies; our health.We have tried to tap into a diversity of health issues that vary from the historic, the cultural, and the controversial, to the current, the challenging, the psychologically damaging, and the potentially devastating.

Human Civilization

Speaking of science and its connotations of development, it is only appropriate to dig deep, to excavate the roots, to search for the beginnings of progress, of the future. Hence, we dig into topics related to human civlizationm and make a point of pinpointing the downsides of all previous rises, which eventually led to their falls. We attempt to open our readers’ eyes to the calamity of ego, greed, and, more dangerously, indifference; simply because we, Mankind, have run out of time and can no longer afford any of these despicable traits that can lead us up to the most glorious of glories, just to let us fall to the most tragic of tragedies.

Life Sciences

Understanding the different forms of life and how they work is essential for preserving human health, and also safeguarding biodiversity that is essential to the survival of life on Planet Earth.

Oceans and Marine Life

Water covers more than 70% of our planet, hiding most of its secrets in the depths of its mighty oceans. In addition to the splendidly diverse forms of life they host and the valuable resources they provide, oceans are key players in regulating climate. Studying oceanography also provides insights that help us understand and predict alarming natural events such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Therefore, understanding and preserving oceans is essential to achieve sustainability and maintain life on Planet Earth.

Safe Summer

Summertime; who does not wait for it impatiently and excitedly? Despite the heat and humidity, summertime remains the time we all associate with fun, good times, and happy memories. When we were children, summertime was when we would throw all worries out the window to spend the days playing in the sand and swimming at the beach with family and friends.

Science and Art

There is an eternal and a magical bond between the two realms “Science and Art” that seemingly look at opposite ends of the human activity spectrum.

Science and Sports

The connection between science and sports should not be surprising; after all, all physical activities are connected to science because they are basically conducted by the human body. Yet, the connection between sports and science is not restricted to biology; it expands to physics, psychology, chemistry, among other fields of science.

Science Everywhere

“Science Everywhere” is not just a saying; it is a fact. There is absolutely nothing in life that is not connected to science. In this theme, we opt to spotlight this reality from every possible angle. We tackle the science from the perspective of everyday places and activities we live, study, work, and experience without giving much thought to the myriad of sciences lurking in every corner, vessel, piece of furniture or equipment, etc.

Science Policy and Ethics

We tackle in this theme vital science and ethics issues, and we wish you a pleasant and useful reading!

Science Story Time!

Every keen reader knows that reading is indeed a life-changing habit. Helping little children gain interest in reading is the best gift you can offer them; it is a gift that stays with them forever, fueling their minds with a passion for knowledge. On the other hand, in today’s world, international efforts are put to awaken the children’s interest in science at early stages, to encourage more of them to pursue their future careers in scientific fields. That said, who does not like bedtime stories? We offer you a diverse set of interesting stories, developed to spark little fellows’ curiosity about science, and above all, help you enjoy quality family time.

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