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Techniques and practices for local responses to HIV/AIDS : part 1: Techniques

Document type: book
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Abstract: In 2001 UNAIDS initiated the development of a toolkit with techniques and practices for AIDS competence in consultation with the UNAIDS Secretariat, with the UN Theme Groups in different countries and members of the UNAIDS Technical Network on Local Responses to HIV/AIDS. The toolkit aims to further strengthen the capacity and competence of different actors to address HIV/AIDS at local level. Experiences worldwide contributed to the identification and selection of practices and techniques for the toolkit and they are meant for all with an interest in furthering local responses to HIV/AIDS. This document presents the techniques that have been contributed to the toolkit. It is available in print and on CD-ROM. “Part 1: Techniques” contains 20 techniques for application in different stages of the planning cycle. The purpose and use of each technique is described, as well as practical guidelines on how to proceed.
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Authors: Wegelin-Schuringa, M. , Tiendrebéogo, G.
Category: Practice
ISBN: 90-6832-639-2
Keywords: health , disease prevention and control , participation , communities
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT Publishers
Year: 2004
Right: © 2004 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Techniques and practices for local responses to HIV/AIDS : part 1: Techniques