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Vers un environnement favorable au développement des petites et moyennes entreprises forestières

Document type: report
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Abstract: This policy brief discusses the challenges in the promotion of small and medium forest enterprises (SMFEs) that extract, process and market timber products (logs or sawnwood) or non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and examines the role of government and non-governmental agencies, as well as SMFEs and their business partners in the process. These SMFEs are located at or near the resource base, and typically pursue multiple objectives, including employment and income generation, distribution of dividends among stakeholders, community development, greater participation in political dialogue, and improved local safety nets. Access to forest-based resources may be collective or private. Enterprise governance is usually influenced strongly by local rules, practices and customs. Owners of SMFEs may include anything from a handful of founding members to hundreds of small-scale producers or community members. Several market trends favour the development of SMFEs, including: (1) growing scarcity and consequent price increases of a number of tropical hardwoods from natural forests; (2) increased tourism, providing expanding markets for handicrafts and ecotourism; (3) specialized export markets, e.g., certified wood products, fair trade NTFPs, and bio-ingredients; (4) growing domestic markets for furniture, construction wood and certain NTFPs, such as bamboo, rattan and palm hearts; (5) greater awareness of forest certification and ecosystem services and the need to pay for them.
Note: Conférence internationale sur le développement des petites et moyennes entreprises forestières pour la réduction de la pauvreté : opportunités et enjeux face à la mondialisation des marchés (Costa Rica, 23-25 mai 2006)
Authors: Donovan, J. , Stoian, D. , Grouwels, S. , Macqueen, D. , Leeuwen, A. van , Boetekees, G. , Nicholson, K.
Category: Policy
Keywords: forestry , enterprises , public administration , private sector
Language: fra
Organization: ICCO - Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation , SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: [6]
Place: [Turrialba]
Publisher: Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigatión y Enseñanza (CATIE) [etc.]
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 CATIE, FAO, ICCO, IIED, SNV
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Vers un environnement favorable au développement des petites et moyennes entreprises forestières