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Genre et foresterie communautaire au Cameroun : quelles perspectives pour les femmes?

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Abstract: Since 1994, forest policy and legislation in Cameroon have enabled rural communities to keep areas of community forest under participatory management by signing agreements with the State. However, the process of implementing the community forest concept has shown that not all parties involved, especially women and young people, are sufficiently represented in decision-making stages such as the establishment of the legal entity, attribution of the community forest or the submission of applications to government administrations. However, women are more closely involved during the initial stages, for example in meetings and in identifying, drafting and finalizing simple forest management plans. The cultural, political and social reasons for the imbalance in representation are to be viewed in a context of recent change in the issues and interests associated with community forestry processes. Our analysis of this situation has led the authors to make various recommendations in the area of gender relationships, whether in the social context, in general or in community forestry in particular. The issues are to analyse the causes of gender inequality, to highlight the value of women’s contributions to the various processes, to implement mechanisms encouraging balanced participation and to plan for training and information cycles with a particular focus on assertiveness in the expression of women’s opinions.
Note: With English, French and Spanish summary
Authors: Tobith, C. , Cuny, P.
Book or source title: Bois et Forêts des Tropiques
Country: Cameroon
Category: Policy
End Page: 26
Volume: 3
Keywords: forestry , participation , gender
Language: fra
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Place: [Yaoundé]
Publisher: Foresterie Communautaire Cameroun
Year: 2006
Region: Africa South of Sahara , Central Africa
Right: © 2006 Foresterie Communautaire Cameroun
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Start Page: 17
Title: Genre et foresterie communautaire au Cameroun : quelles perspectives pour les femmes?