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Using ICTs to generate development content

Document type: report
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Abstract: After a discussion of the type of information demanded by communities in recent consultations, the paper suggests that there are only a very limited number of types of delivery. This paper proposes that there is considerable merit in emphasizing visual content which can be inclusive of the illiterate and semi-literate. The conditions surrounding generation of content, especially mediation and motivation of the producer, are crucial. Given that much of the development of content over the next few years will be prompted by governments and NGOs in planned programmes, the paper outlines the key elements required in any planned content production. It is noted that the process itself should be empowering, not just the final product. A final comment is made on intellectual property rights. The main theme of the paper is that we must learn from the existing body of knowledge about development processes. ICTs are not unique from any other development activity. They are a tool to assist an informed livelihoods strategy, and the main lesson of the last few decades is that the process is as important as the end. The use of the tool to enhance livelihoods must be linked to best practice regarding process.
Authors: Batchelor, S.
Series Title: Research Report
Category: General
Serial number: 10
Keywords: information and communication technologies , empowerment , aid programmes
Language: eng
Organization: IICD - International Institute for Communication and Development
PAGE: 18
Place: The Hague
Publisher: IICD
Year: 2002
Right: © 2002 IICD
Subject: Information, Knowledge and Communication
Title: Using ICTs to generate development content