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VSO and disability 2008–2013

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: This report outlines the principles and vision for VSO’s work on disability, defines VSO’s values, beliefs and approach to inclusive development, and offers detailed examples of what changes VSO wants to realize through its work. VSO works in partnership with organizations of people with disabilities so that the voices of men, women, boys and girls with disabilities are heard in their families and communities. This approach helps to ensure that women, men, girls and boys with disabilities are represented at a national level by strong disability movements that are experienced in fighting for policy change. VSO helps to realize change by: (1) recognizing and supporting the specific political nature of social movements such as organizations of people with disabilities; (2) developing partnerships with organizations of people with disabilities at district and national levels to support their work; (3) developing partnerships with umbrella federations to improve links with their member organizations, their inclusiveness and their ability to represent their members’ interests effectively; (4) committing to long-term capacity development support for organizations of people with disabilities; (5) promoting and building links between service providers and organizations of people with disabilities; and (6) recognizing that people with disabilities are not an homogeneous group and that they face extra barriers because of their gender, age, class or language background.
Authors: Trapani, B.
Category: Policy
Keywords: disability , aid programmes , human rights
Language: eng
Organization: VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas
PAGE: 19
Place: London
Publisher: VSO
Year: 2007
Right: © 2007 VSO
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: VSO and disability 2008–2013