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START : Simple toolkit for advocacy research techniques

Document type: book
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Abstract: START (Simple Toolkit for Acvocacy Research Techniques) is VSO’s advocacy research toolkit, based on VSO’s own experience of low-cost, non-academic professional research. The START approach is illustrated with VSO’s advocacy initiative, ‘Valuing Teachers’, which aims to address both the causes and effects of poor teacher motivation in disadvantaged communities. According to VSO’s definition advocacy challenges the root causes of poverty. Advocacy can therefore be seen as an approach to development, with strategy being the defining characteristic of effective advocacy. It is a deliberate and planned process, and takes place around a policy position held by an organization. This position should be based on evidence if it is to be taken seriously. To carry out research for advocacy purposes, there needs to be adequate capacity in the organizations wishing to advocate. START is designed to bridge the gap between research, policy analysis and reality. It provides organizations, individuals or communities with a user-friendly qualitative research methodology to inform their own advocacy initiatives on issues pertinent to the country where they work. It enables this research to be conducted in a participatory and empowering way.
Note: Editing: L. Fry, R. Bishop, M. Sheridan, S. Nock
Authors: Tweedie, L.
Category: Policy
Keywords: development policy , research
Language: eng
Organization: VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas
PAGE: 68
Place: London
Publisher: VSO
Year: 2005
Right: © 2005 VSO
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: START : Simple toolkit for advocacy research techniques