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Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS : looking beyond awareness

Document type: report
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Abstract: This publication explains how VSO volunteers support partners and colleagues in mainstreaming HIV into their development work. The emphasis is on facilitation and sustainability rather than doing, taking over and dependency. The VSO volunteers in these examples accomplish this by helping partners identify resources, whether funding or training opportunities. They work together to understand the ways that HIV has an impact on the areas of their work and impedes social development, the cycles of depravation causing vulnerability to HIV, and HIV making poverty worse. Special attention is paid to the role of stigma and fear of discrimination as barriers to effective intervention and care of people living with HIV. One of the lessons learned is that integrated HIV/AIDS responses should plan beyond the goal of increasing awareness to more practical, people- or community-centred solutions.
Authors: Wilkins, M. , Vasani, D.
Series Title: Experience in Focus Papers
Category: Practice
Keywords: HIV and AIDS , communities
Language: eng
Organization: VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas
PAGE: iii, 68
Place: Pretoria [etc.]
Publisher: VSO-RAISA [etc.]
Year: 2002
Region: Africa South of Sahara , Southern Africa
Right: © 2002 VSO and VSO-RAISA
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS : looking beyond awareness