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Sex education for young people on the Internet : lessons from Chezasalama initiative

Document type: article
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Abstract: Chezasalama is an interactive website in Kiswahili and English, which delivers facts about sexual and reproductive health and lifestyle in a fresh, youthful and colourful way. Conceptualized for, and by, Tanzanian youth aged between 12-24 years, the response to the initiative that was launched in April 2004, has been surprising. The Kiswahili name “Chezasalama” stands for “play it safe” or “play safe”. The website covers topics such as falling in love, having sex, condoms, drug use and gender-based violence. Chezasalama was produced, and is maintained, through a partnership of three organizations working in Tanzania to promote openness about sexual and reproductive health and lifestyle issues. A user survey showed that users are predominately male (63%) and secondary school students, who depend on pocket money to visit cafés. Twenty-eight percent used the Internet to search for educational materials. Sixty percent of young users had knowledge of word processing, 90% had e-mail addresses and 87% had moderate to high level skills in Internet use. All wanted more information in Kiswahili. Analysis of most frequently accessed pages shows that HIV is an important topic for the users, although other sexuality topics are equally important to young people.
Authors: Prytherch, H. , Schuemer, C. , Mlay, A. , Fuglesang, M. , Kabigi, A. , Mwasalla, V. , Nkwera, R.
Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
End Page: 9
Serial number: 4
ISSN: 1871-7551
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: health , information services , HIV and AIDS , youth
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2008
Region: Africa South of Sahara , East Africa
Right: © 2008 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Start Page: 8
Title: Sex education for young people on the Internet : lessons from Chezasalama initiative