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Addressing sexual violence in the education system

Document type: article
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Abstract: Crime Reduction in Schools Project (Crisp) is an NGO based in Durban, South Africa, which aims at promoting children’s rights and community development in rural areas in KwaZulu-Natal province. During 2005-2007, Crisp implemented the Whole School Development Programme, linking home, school and the community, in approximately 50 primary and secondary schools. Part of the Whole School Development Programme was a comprehensive HIV and AIDS education project aimed at raising awareness on the epidemic, violence, and abuse. Often, parents and educators find it difficult to discuss sex with children. This exposes children to risks such as HIV infections, STI, sexual abuse, and teenage pregnancies. The professional capacity of Crisp facilitators enabled us to approach this delicate issue, encouraged in this endeavour by both educators and parents. Facilitators found that creating a good relationship with children in class, stimulating their participation by both listening to them and creating an environment where they can express ideas, contributes to a better comprehension of the educational message.
Authors: Devnarain, B. , Couzens, M.
Country: South Africa
Category: Practice
End Page: 13
Serial number: 3
ISSN: 1871-7551
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: HIV and AIDS , education , violence
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2008
Region: Africa South of Sahara , Southern Africa
Right: © 2008 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Start Page: 11
Title: Addressing sexual violence in the education system