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Violence against women and girls: breaking the culture of silence

Document type: article
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Abstract: GBV has many forms, including domestic violence, female genital cutting, rape and forced prostitution. This overview article written by guest editor Grace Osakue of Girls’ Power Initiative in Nigeria sheds some light on the complexity and pervasiveness of this issue. After describing different types of GBV and its effects, she gives some examples of programmes that have addressed this issue in Nigeria, China and Cambodia. A box on gender-based violence in schools provides some data on the prevalence and persistence of violence against school children and gives UNICEF’s definition of a ‘child-friendly school’.
Authors: Osakue, G.
Country: Nigeria , China , Cambodia
Category: General
End Page: 4
Serial number: 2
ISSN: [1871-7551]
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: women , gender , violence , children , education , HIV and AIDS
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2006
Region: West Africa , East Asia , Southeast Asia
Right: © 2006 KIT
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 1
Title: Violence against women and girls: breaking the culture of silence