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The participation of children in Venezuela : advances and challenges

Document type: article
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Abstract: The author is Coordinator of the ‘Participation of children and adolescents’ project of Centros Comunitarios de Aprendizaje (CECODAP). CECODAP has a long record of successfully developing processes to enable children to come together, explore and discuss matters that concern them, and go on to develop activities that allow their voices to be heard and their actions to make a difference. In this article, she discusses the CECODAP-initiated democratic processes that led to the establishment of children’s organisations and shows how these organisations impacted directly on the drafting of new legislation about child rights in Venezuela.
Authors: Medina, S.
Country: Venezuela
Category: Research
End Page: 49
Serial number: 98
ISSN: 1387-9553
Journal: Early Childhood Matters
Keywords: children , human rights , law
Language: eng
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Year: 2001
Region: South America
Right: © 2001 Bernard van Leer Foundation
Subject: Social and Political Change
Start Page: 45
Title: The participation of children in Venezuela : advances and challenges