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Southern Africa : guidelines for good practice

Document type: article
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Abstract: Mokhethi Moshoeshoe is Executive Director of the Southern African Grantmakers Association (SAGA), an independent, voluntary and non-profit association of individuals and organisations involved in the funding of development in Southern Africa. It’s mission is to optimize the relevance, efficiency and impact of grantmaking in Southern Africa. In this article, which is based on an interview with Jim Smale, Mokhethi Moshoeshoe offers his own reflections on what it takes to build strong partnerships between the grantmakers and the grantees. As he does so, he blends them with the experiences of SAGA as it developed its Guidelines for good practice. Drawing on his own experiences both in seeking partnerships during his long career in NGOs, and in his current position as head of a major entity in the grantmaking world, he especially stresses the need for close and productive relationships across what has sometimes been a divide.
Authors: Moshoeshoe, M.
Category: Research
End Page: 37
Serial number: 92
ISSN: 1387-9553
Journal: Early Childhood Matters
Keywords: development policy , finance , policy
Language: eng
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Year: 1999
Right: © 1999 Bernard van Leer Foundation
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Start Page: 34
Title: Southern Africa : guidelines for good practice