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Achieving sustainable productivity of irrigation and drainage through incremental investments

Document type: report
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Abstract: This brief is about improving the productivity and sustainability of irrigation and drainage systems to meet the steadily growing demand for food worldwide. Incremental investment for sustainable irrigation (IIP) can help address this challenge. Throughout the developing world there is a universal phenomenon in the irrigation sector that has continued for decades. It is the repeating cycle of externally-financed construction or rehabilitation of irrigation schemes followed by seriously inadequate maintenance of irrigation infrastructure. The results are rapid deterioration, growing losses in area irrigated, and mounting pressures for rehabilitation, while food security is jeopardized. This cycle is a kind of “malignant equilibrium”, because of its negative effects and self-perpetuating nature. The main steps for adoption of a program to ensure sustainable irrigation & drainage through incremental investment are as follows: 1. identify countries and locations where clients support adoption; 2. legally establish water users associations; 3. establish irrigation councils; 4. mobilize funds for annual allocation; 5. agree on IIP Fund operating principles and procedures; 6. review and select proposals; 7. implement IIP projects; 8. implement investment and management audits; 9. change IIP Fund into a revolving fund; and 10. measure and report on the results.
Authors: Vermillion, D.L.
Series Title: Innovation Brief on International Development Services
Category: Policy
Serial number: 1
Keywords: agriculture , sustainable development , water , finance
Language: eng
Organization: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Place: Arnhem
Publisher: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Subject: Infrastructure, Transport and Urban Development
Title: Achieving sustainable productivity of irrigation and drainage through incremental investments