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A strategic framework for developing vocational education and training

Document type: report
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Abstract: Vocational Education and Training (VET) is increasingly seen as a key to poverty alleviation and social cohesion and a chance for countries to jump on the bandwagon of development and globalization. VET is a highly diversified educational supply system. More than general education, it can contribute to economic development, create employment and respond to the labour market. However, VET is underfunded, fails to cater for tertiary education, and has difficulty keeping up with technological and labour market developments. A new Strategic Framework could help governments identify policy requirements to realize a modern market-oriented, flexible VET system.
Authors: Molen, G. van der
Series Title: Innovation Brief on International Development Services
Category: Policy
Serial number: 5
Keywords: education , employment , policy
Language: eng
Organization: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Place: Arnhem
Publisher: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Subject: Education, Science and Technology
Title: A strategic framework for developing vocational education and training