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Porto Alegre 2006 : op weg naar gerechtigheid en duurzaamheid

Document type: report
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Abstract: This publication is a preview of the Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, which took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in February 2006. It contains two documents that were prepared for the Ninth Assembly, including the AGAPE call for a new, sustainable way of globalization and the thoughts of the Justice, Peace and Creation team of the WCC on climate change, water, genetics, and agriculture.
Series Title: [Globalisering Rapport]
Corporate author(s): Stichting Oikos
Category: Policy
ISBN: 978-90-74853-08-8
Serial number: [4]
Keywords: climate change , religion , globalization , agriculture , environmental degradation , water
Language: nld
Organization: Stichting Oikos
PAGE: 57
Place: Utrecht
Publisher: Stichting Oikos
Year: 2005
Right: © 2005 Stichting Oikos
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Title: Porto Alegre 2006 : op weg naar gerechtigheid en duurzaamheid