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Land alienation : the struggle of the Baluchi people

Document type: article
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Abstract: Tribal peoples are too often linked with the word ‘alienation’. Frequently these groups are alienated from their land, their resources, their homes, access to knowledge, and overall, deprived of their freedom to basic equal and civil rights. Focusing on the Baluchi tribe, it is evident that the linguistically and culturally united peoples, which are geographically split into three countries – Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan – continuously face alienation from the central governments of the country they reside in.
Authors: Farzin, H.
Country: Pakistan , Iran, Islamic Republic of , Afghanistan
Category: General
End Page: 23
Serial number: 3
ISSN: 1824-7180
Volume: II
Journal: SpandaNews : newsletter of the Spanda Foundation
Keywords: indigenous peoples , property rights
Language: eng
Organization: Spanda Foundation
Year: 2008
Region: South Asia , Southwest Asia
Right: © 2008 Spanda Foundation
Subject: Social and Political Change
Start Page: 22
Title: Land alienation : the struggle of the Baluchi people