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Hacia una diversidad y pluralismo cultural

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: In 1995, Hivos launched the Hivos Culture Fund (HCF) to support cultural and artistic expression in the South. The arts and culture play a vital role in society, as they open the way for critical reflection and provide a space for members of society to enjoy beauty, and express their thoughts and feelings. Culture and the arts also have the potential to build bridges between communities. These needs are as basic as life's material necessities, and may contribute to a society's shape and direction. This policy document is a revision of the first policy document entitled "Culture and Development," published in 1995. This revision stems from the need to address recent developments in the wider global context, as well as in the sphere of culture and development. The practical lessons from the past seven years, as well as a recent external evaluation provide us with sufficient material for a new policy document.
Series Title: Documento de política : arte & cultura
Corporate author(s): Hivos
Category: Policy
Keywords: culture , arts , development policy
Language: spa
Organization: Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation
PAGE: 27
Place: [La Haya]
Publisher: Hivos
Year: 2002
Right: © 2002 Hivos
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Title: Hacia una diversidad y pluralismo cultural