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De 'Asha-slum'

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Abstract: Asha is a civil society organization that works in Indian slums. One quarter of New Delhi’s 14 million inhabitants are slum dwellers. ICCO’s partner organization Asha has developed a thorough aid programme for improving the lives of the slum dwellers with medical care, hygiene, housing, education, gender equality. Asha was founded by the Indian pediatrician Kiran Martin.
Authors: Ham, J. van
Book or source title: ICCO Magazine
Country: India
Category: Practice
Serial number: Zomer
Keywords: poverty , urban development , health services , education
Language: nld
Organization: ICCO - Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Place: [Utrecht]
Publisher: ICCO
Year: 2009
Region: South Asia
Right: © 2009 ICCO
Subject: Social and Political Change
Start Page: 13
Title: De 'Asha-slum'